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Omega Yeast Saisonstein’s Monster OYL-500

An Omega Yeast Labs exclusive saison strain exhibiting fruit and mild phenolics.


Omega Yeast Saisonstein’s Monster OYL-500

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Our own genetic hybrid of French Saison (OYL-026) and Belgian Saison (OYL-027). It is versatile, aromatic and attenuative with a silky mouthfeel. It excels in high gravity beers, ferments reliably and thoroughly without pause and is spicy, complex, tart, dry and crisp. The flavor profile leans toward Belgian Saison (OYL-027) including some bubblegum. It has more fruit character and fewer phenolics than French Saison (OYL-026) but has its solid  fermentation kinetics.

Flocculation: Low

Attenuation: 80-90%

Temperature range: 65-78° F (18-23° C)

Alcohol tolerance: 11%

Certain strains may contain up to 500 billion cells, some contain roughly 150 billion. Most importantly, Omega Yeast Labs packages their yeast with the appropriate amount of yeast to adequately ferment 5 gallons of wort at 1.060 specific gravity.

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