Beer Required Items


The recommended items you need to brew an extract batch of beer at home:

Stove or burner outside burner will make the process go a lot faster since most burners are a lot hotter than normal cooking stoves and if you have a boil over not so much mess to clean up.
Pot for boiling minimum size you can get by with is 4 gallons, but 5-gallon pots will give you more room to boil more of your wort. Stainless steel is the preferred pot, as aluminum has been known to give metallic flavors to some beers.

Cooking spoon

Primary Fermenter, 6.5 gallons either a glass carboy or a food grade plastic bucket with a tight fitting top.
Airlock that fits in the top with a stopper.
Racking (transfer) equipment should compose of racking cane and tubing, using just tubing will cause you to pick up a lot of sediment
Secondary Fermenter, if you are going to use one using a secondary will give you a lot smoother and clearer beer. We recommend 5-gallon glass carboy. You can see the sediment settling out.
Bottling bucket w/ spigot, an open 5 gallon bucket with spigot to be used only for bottling where you can mix the priming sugar with having sediment mixing in as well.
Bottle filler, fits on the spigot of the bottling bucket with a plunger tip that sits on the bottom of the bottle to fill your bottles from the bottom up. Less possibility of oxidation.
Bottle Capper, Used to tighten caps on to bottles.
Sanitizing agent, we do not recommend bleach as the water you use to rinse out the bleach could cause you problems. This is the number one thing in getting good beer. Clean, Clean, Clean!!! Any item that comes in contact with your beer must be sanitized.
Brushes, Used to clean bottle and carboys.
Hydrometer, used to check specific gravity. Guessing when a batch is finished or counting days can cause bottles to explode if your beer has not finished fermenting.
Thermometer, used to check temperature of steeping grains and the temperature of wort to pitch the yeast.
Bottles, 53-12 ounce clean or 24-22 ounce returnable bottles. Do not use twist off type bottles.
This is just a must list; there are a lot of items that can and will make your brewing a lot easier. An all grain batch takes specialty items such as a mash and lauter tuns, if you have any question about them send us a request and we will mail that info back. But you still need these items along with the all grain equipment.