July 28, 2017 – Fermented Foods (Sourdough & Sauerkraut)

This week I decided to experiment with fermented foods, utilizing primarily acetobacter, lactococcus, and lactobacillus strains to work their magic instead of saccharomyces. The four new projects I had in mind are sauerkraut, vinegar, sourdough, and a fermented hot sauce. While I was in the kitchen, I made some sweet tea to feed my kombucha mother; gotta keep the ‘booch happy.



I’ve always been fascinated by fermented foods and how we can rely on certain bacteria to be present and active in a relatively harsh saline environment, while at the same time being relatively certain that no harmful bacteria can take hold and thrive. Being my first attempt at sauerkraut, I went with a 1 quart recipe by Holly Howe, link below, which was as easy to follow as it was informative. One twist: I added a lactobacillus blend, OYL605, to really kick fermentation up and hopefully provide a nice big starter for future batches. This is not entirely necessary as the cabbage used for sauerkraut should have lactobacillus growing on it, though I have always been interested in using the lactobacillus we sell at BYOB to ferment food.


Of the approximately 100 ml Omega lacto blend, 25 ml was used in the sauerkraut, 25 ml was added to a sourdough starter, 25 ml was added to a malt extract based starter, and the rest was saved in an empty white la