Thank for all that Gary. Also, the shirt was a nice touch. I’ll wear it proudly as an advocate of your great customer service. You’ve won me over!

Marc Demelo

Thanks for opening up a new store at your Gilbert location! You are 3 blocks away from home and have given exceptional service as of late. I recently acquired a cabernet vintners reserve kit a few months ago and stopped by yesterday for bottling supplies. It is a wonderful kit that puts out a great product. i will be buying more from you in the future, and it will include coming over to the beer side of homebrewing.
Thanks again for a great store and great products, be sure to stick around for a while!!!

Jonathan Paton

Best place to get beer supplies? Brew Your Own Brew. The guy who runs it knows you. He takes an interest in finding out who you are. He’s really excited about brewing beer, and he always has samples of things he’s making and wants to show you this and wants to show you that. He’s got unbelievable stuff and all kinds of tips for making anything you’ve ever thought of. He’s like the beer encyclopedia guy.

Tom K

You Rule man!
I gave some Octoberfest beer I made with my original Brewer’s Best kit to some people at work and all of a sudden I’m Mr. Popularity. You should have seen their looks turn from skeptical to all smiles. One guy was going to sell me some Grolsch style bottles but he wouldn’t budge on the price so I told him to no deal. I gave him a quart of my home brew to take home and all of a sudden I can have the bottles for free, Just bring him in a beer once in a while. Not that I’m in the game anymore but I bet if all the young single guys knew how impressed the ladies are with a good homebrew you probably wouldn’t be able to get the kits out the door fast enough. What an awesome hobby. Thanks again for your help. Have a cold one on me! 🙂

Terri Helus

Hi Gary, guess I didn’t read ALL the Deluxe Equipment details. 🙂 I don’t need an extra copy of the book. Thanks for the catch. the order will be delivered the day before my husband’s birthday which is perfect because I can’t keep a secret to save my life. I know he is going to love it and I am sure we will be ordering more beer ingredients very soon! thanks for the prompt order processing and great customer service!


I have been brewing for about six months and I think it’s great. I just wanted to drop you line and let you know what great service I have received in your store. Thanks.


Thanks Gary. Also, I wanted you to know that I really appreciated your help over the phone on 11-19. I called from oklahoma on you 800 number. I know my question probably seemed silly but you never let me know it. And, you made me feel really comfortable asking for help from you or your staff. My sister will be using your firm as well when she begins her winemaking experience next year. My hat is off to you, your “right hand” man (Dan?) who helped us when we were in Tucson. Great job! Can’t wait for my order. And, Dan was right, I can’t go wrong working with byob…best prices, best service, best shipping…all things good! Thanks.

Helene Jackson

BYOB service is unbeatable. My orders via the net arrive the next day. I am apprised of the steps – receipt of my order, when it is packed, when it is shipped. I can even stand outside and wait for the UPS man. Thanks. Oh yeah, and the beer is unbeatable, too.

Laura Solomon

Hi Gary,
Christmas is over and I am offically the coolest giftgiver of my fiance’s office. No one else got their own deluxe brew kit. Thank you for making the selection and transaction as smooth as possible. I’m sure I’ll be buying from you again. v/r,


Hi guys, just a quick note to say “thanks” I do appreciate all your help and prompt shipping on my orders….keep up the good work.


This is my first order from you guys. So far, the experience has been first class.


Thank you so much. I’ll be sure to tell my friends about your GREAT service!


I just wanted to say thanks so much for the quick and 100% wonderful Customer service! You guys are awesome. I ordered my stuff on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday (or maybe it was wednesday and it came thursday… little details!) CRAZYNESS! Thanks much and I’m hoping to make some more purchases in the future! I am a Satisfied Customer! Thanks.



Andy M

Hi guys! This brew, with little to no aging, turned out fantastic. I got a lot of compliments on it and passed all credit on to David and BYOB. I’m thinking this would be a great brew to add some mesquite beans to for monsoon season as well. Id like to repeat the order times two.


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