What We Do

Brew Your Own Brew is dedicated to the art of brewing. Our professionally trained Brewers can help you through any problems – whether you’re a novice or an advanced brewer. We specialize in helping our customers become world-class brewers and wine makers by providing them with a complete selection of the finest beer and wine equipment and ingredients available. Special orders are always welcome and we will work with you to locate those hard to find items.

For your home brewing needs, our inventory includes a wide assortment of Domestic and European malts and hops as well as converted sanke keg mash/lauter tuns for beer making.

For your wine making needs, we offer a wide selection of domestic and imported wine juices as well as all the equipment you will need to become an outstanding wine maker. We stock fruit presses and oak kegs.

Kegging equipment? We can supply our customers with everything to keg homemade drinks – beer, wine, or soda and we stock the fittings to convert that old refrigerator to a kegerator that can handle standard or European kegs.

We also have an assortment of award winning ingredient kits to choose from and we can assist you in finding that perfect recipe or refining the one that is “almost there”.

We also have a wide assortment of kits and ingredients for making several varieties of fresh cheese.