German De-husked Carafa III, 1lb


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Weyermann® CARAFA® Special Type 3 is a dark-roasted specialty malt made from high-quality spring barley. Where malt-based bitterness is not desired, Weyermann® CARAFA® Special Type 3 is a perfect fit. As the de-husked version of CARAFA®, it produces rich color, body, flavor and aroma without the harsh flavors and astringency typical of dark-colored grains.

EBC: 1200-1300
Lovibond: 450-490
Usage: to 5%
Moisture: 3.5% max
Extract% (dry basis): 70 min

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1 Pound, 1/2 Pound (-50.00%), 1/4 Pound (-75.00%), 3/4 Pound (-25.00%)


Milled ($0.00), Unmilled ($0.00)


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