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Stainless Steel Mix-Stir Degasser

Used to mix additives and fining agents into small batches of wine, rouse lees during fermentation, and de-gas wine kits.

Stainless wand with food-grade plastic paddles. 22″ long. Requires a drill that will accept at least a 3/8″ bit.


Stainless Steel Mix-Stir Degasser


  • The stainless steel mix stir has been designed with a longer 22″ stainless steel rod. its unique blades act like a turbine for maximum mixing and stirring efficiency.
  • The plastic blades are safe to use with a glass carboy.
  • The blades always rotate in the opposite direction.
  • Lets you use any kind of bung that fits your carboy, if you want to use a bung.
  • Constructed with 100% food grade material.
  • Resistant to high temperatures, can withstand up to 102.2C (216F).


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