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Large Tomme Cheese Mold

3.5″ high, diameter is 7.5″ at the top, tapering to a 7″ closed bottom, which allows for stacking of multiple molds. Also includes a follower for more serious pressing. Will accommodate a 4-5 lb cheese. This mold is ideal for Blue, Tomme, or Trappist/StPaulin style.


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Large Tomme Cheese Mold

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This is a tapered mold designed for a light pressing weight of 8-12 lbs. The top is wider so several molds can be stacked on top of each other for pressing. We’ve found that this mold will easily handle up to 100 lbs for a higher pressed Gruyere style cheese. Turning the cheese several times with no weight towards the end of the molding stage evens out the top and bottom diameters so it ends up with a nice little bulge in the side.

The follower does not go all the way to the bottom so I usually store these with the follower upside down in the mold which makes it easy to stack them on top of each other.


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