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Green Jug with Handle, 4L

4 Liter champagne green wine jug, takes 38mm screw cap
Does not include lid, NOT PRESSURE RATED


Green Jug with Handle, 4L

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A handy 4 liter glass jug in a convenient size.  These glass jars make great fermenters for home made wine, beer, or mead.
These particular glass jars are great for fermentation experiments (different yeast strains or dry hops), or recipe formulation.
Some Suggested Uses:
  • Use to store excess wine when you press off and have more than you expected.
  • Ferment small batches of mead, sake, fruit wine or anything else that strikes your fancy!
  • Perform yeast experiments – split a batch of beer into five 1 gal batches and ferment them with different yeast strains
These glass jars use a #6 stopper.


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