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The Carboy Bumper

Designed to protect your glass carboys from brewhouse stressors.


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The Carboy Bumper

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Made from a high performance engineered damping material called PORON™.  The Carboy bumper absorbs shock to protect your carboy from hard landings, bumps, knocks, and other stresses of day-to-day use that, overtime, can create microfractures in the glass that may eventually failure.
The specialized 3M™ adhesive film is chemical and water resistant to ensure the Carboy Bumper sticks to your glass
Anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial material
Patent Pending low profile and lightweight design is compatible with all other carboy accessories and your carboy will still fit in your fermentation chamber
Easy to install with customizable applications that allow you to modify protection to suit your needs​​​
Easy to use and makes carboy handling much easier when you don’t have to cringe whenever you set it down.
Made in the USA
Incredible value!  For much less than the price of a new carboy you can reduce the risk of injury to yourself, catastrophic loss of your equipment, and most importantly your brew.


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