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Tablet Vegetable Rennet – 10 Tablets

These tablets contain no animal products, are gluten free and Non-GMO. Each tablet is scored into 2 segments. Use as instructed by cheese recipe.


Tablet Vegetable Rennet – 10 Tablets

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INGREDIENTS: Microbial coagulant (Mucor Pussillus and/or Mucor Miehei), Megnesium Stearate, Microcrystaline Cellulose.

YIELD: 1/2 tablet will set 2 gallons of milk in approximately 45 minutes at 86-95F. Ten tablets will set approximately 40 gallons of milk.

DIRECTIONS: Crush desired portion of tablet and dissolve in 1/4c. cool, non-chlorinated water. Add to milk when specified in cheese recipe. Stir to distribute thoroughly. NEVER keep part of rennet solution for later use. When using store bought milk you may need to add a little more rennet.


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