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Labelnator – Label Removal Blade

Easy, quick, and effective. Be mindful of the sharp edge!


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Labelnator – Label Removal Blade


Whether you are bottling your favorite beverage or cleaning up your canning jars for the season, the Label-Nator Bottle Blade label scraping tool makes scraping those stubborn labels SAFER, QUICKER AND EASIER.

A revolutionary patent pending design that uses a durable scraping tool that cradles in the palm of your hand for SAFER label scraping.

A full 4″arched razor scrapes more of the label surface, so those stubborn labels come off QUICKER.

Provides an ergonomically correct palm and finger placement for comfortable repeated passes, making label scraping EASIER.

Make sure the blade is firmly placed on the bottle before scraping. Please be careful and take your time when using this razor blade.

Soaking the bottles in a cleaning agent such as Easy Clean or PBW will help lift labels, making the Labelnatin’ process easier. This is also a great opportunity to clean the inside of the bottle with a bottle brush after soaking.