Gruit Ale


Gruit Ale

This is a great beer to try if you’re looking for a little something different. This recipe is packed with herbs and spices making it an ideal beer for anyone who wants an alternative to hops.

Yield: 5 gallons

Starting Gravity: 1.062
Final Gravity: 1.016
Alcohol by Volume: 6.1%
Color SRM: 13

Ingredients (Included)
6 lbs. Light Dry Malt Extract 1 Grain Steeping Bag
1 lb. 40 L Crystal Malt (Grain) 2 Hop Bags
1 lb. Honey Malt (Grains)
2 oz. Mugwort
2 oz Heather
2 oz Yarrow
1 g Sweet Gale
1 oz Juniper Berries ( ¼ oz in primary, ¾ oz in secondary)
5 oz Priming Sugar
1 pk Brewers Yeast

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Dry Yeast, Liquid Yeast (+$6.49), Liquid Yeast W/ Ice pack (+8.99)


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