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Denali Pellet Hops, 1oz

Alpha Acids* 13 – 16 %

Pineapple, pine and citrus


Denali Pellet Hops, 1oz

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Denali is a moderately high-alpha hop brand with very high essential oil content. Its aroma characteristics include pineapple, pine and citrus. Denali was developed through the Hopsteiner hop breeding program in Yakima and was formerly know as Hopsteiner Experimental 06277. The pedigree is 50% Nugget, 25% Zeus and 25% USDA 19058m.

Alpha Acids* 13 – 16 %
Beta Acids 3.5 – 5.0 %
Cohumulone 22 – 26 % of alpha acids

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1 oz, 1 Pound (+$22.00)


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