Coopers Family Secret Amber Ale


An amber ale with balanced malts and a citrus hop finish.

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Thomas Cooper had two wives and 19 children, who went on to have children and grandchildren of their own. It is not surprising then that today 5th and 6th generation Coopers oversee and work at the brewery. They are the custodians of all the family secrets.

Luckily for beer lovers, an Amber Ale recipe is one of the secrets passed down by the members of the Cooper family. Rich deep copper in color, this mid bodied Ale has a biscuity malt palate balanced by toffee caramel sweetness and a nutty finish with citrus hop notes. Certainly a secret worth sharing.

Recommended to be brewed with:
2Lbs Light Dry Malt
Carbonation Drops or Priming Sugar


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